Local traffic finds you easier

Businesses that receive consistent reviews get top spots in local search results.

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Stale Reviews may be ok for a website, but you need fresh reviews to capitalize on the keywords people use to search the internet for a product or service like yours.

Local Guides

Clout from local guides gives your business exposure to other local guides and web hunters.

Publish reviews to any channel

Our Setup Wizard easily connects your reviews anywhere: marketplaces, local business sites, review platforms, App stores, company reviews, social media, employee reviews and more.

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Start getting reviews in just minutes

Step 1
Install GroReviews from Salesforce AppExchange

Step 2
Complete our Setup Wizard to customize colors, invite message, survey message, and connect location(s) and review platform(s)

Step 3
Send SMS/Email link to customer (to review location and/or products)

Step 4
Customer clicks link and sees your customized message with “yes/no” call to action

  • If “Yes”, customer selects a review platform and leaves a review
  • If “No”, customer answers your survey, and after leaving can select a review platform to leave a review

Step 5
View open rates, link clicks, conversation rates, reviews, survey responses, and customer info in Salesforce reports.

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